'Revitalising' Thai Foot Ritual 

This lovely and relaxing treatment will last for approximately 35 minutes and costs £30. 

I have an excellent range of superior quality, pre-blended aromatherapy oils for you to choose from as well as some lovey plain carrier oils if you would prefer. 


thai foot ritual 



thai foot ritual 



thai foot ritual

from £65

client review

Just had a most wonderful Thai foot massage. thank you Beth, it was heaven xx

what is a thai foot massage?

Thai Foot Massage is a powerful form of therapy that originated in Thailand over 2000 years ago. It is a form of treatment that works specifically on the lower legs and the feet and uses the ancient art of Thai reflexology.  Pressure is applied to specific areas of the feet using a combination of techniques.  

Rather than using traditional wooden Thai sticks, I have a selection of crystal wands for you to choose from. Crystals can be so beneficial and with many healing properties and using them makes this treatment even more special and unique. with the application of a crystal massage wand as well as hands-on massage.

what's involved?

With all 3 treatments available you will receive a relaxing complimentary foot soak to begin with, using some organic salts infused with Mandarin, Lemongrass and ginger for a truly uplifting experience that will revitalise your senses.  

Your feet and lower legs will then be treated to a beautiful massage routine that is both relaxing and reviving.  

If you opt for the Luxury treatment you will also receive a foot exfoliation treatment followed by a nourishing mask prior to the massage routine which will be extended.  The deluxe version combines the Thai Foot massage with the Healing Foot pedicure treatment.  

The treatment is performed with you relaxing comfortably in a chair with your feet elevated on a pedicure stool. You will remain fully dressed at all times but it is essential that loose clothing is worn so that your legs and feet are easily accessed from the knees downwards.

It is believed that the nerve endings within each foot connect to the internal organs of the body and that there are 10 major energy lines running through the body from head to foot. By applying pressure to specific areas of the foot, we can stimulate these energy lines to provide healing throughout the body creating a sense of balance and harmony along with a renewed energy.

Client review

Absolutely outstanding service, treatment was amazing. Beth is wonderful, kind, gentle and very caring. Would highly recommend. Looking forward to my next treatment x

Kirsty, West Huntspill, April 2018

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