stimulating ritual

Currently, the full body massage treatment is not available and the upper body ritual has to exclude the facial massage

upper body 



Approximately 40 minutes 

Includes back, neck, shoulders, scalp and face

whole legs & feet 



Approximately 40 minutes  

Lower legs & feet massage Includes complimentary organic foot soak.  

full body 



Approximately 60 minutes

Full body massage

Includes complimentary organic foot soak 

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Breathe deeply and allow your body, mind and spirit to be treated to a relaxing yet stimulating massage. The organic aromatic oils used contain essential oils that will help to ground you and bring a sense of clarity to the mind whilst also helping to tone and condition the skin, helping with the detoxification process that massage can be so good at.

This massage employs a range of techniques that will help to stimulate the blood flow, relieve tension and leave you feeling both relaxed yet invigorated to face the world again.  

upper body ritual

The upper body ritual covers the whole of your back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. It combines deep, sweeping movements with gentle pummelling techniques that will relax you yet at the same time stimulates. The scalp and face massage bring this treatment to the perfect conclusion, leaving you feeling relaxed and free of tension and stress.

whole legs & feet ritual

The whole legs and feet ritual begins with a complimentary salt foot soak containing an uplifting blend of lemongrass, ginger and mandarin. Your feet will then be dried and you will be ready to receive a wonderfully relaxing yet stimulating legs and feet massage.

full body ritual 

The full body ritual is a real top to toe experience and also includes a complimentary foot soak. The abdomen and chest/breast areas are not massaged in this treatment.