Special Offers

Everyone loves a bargain so keep checking this page regularly. Each month I will be promoting a special monthly offer on one of my treatments. Maybe you will find something just right for you.  I also have a newsletter that you are welcome to sign up to.  This will help you keep up to date with special offers and everything else that I am getting up to at the moment!  

As well as special offers, I have also put together some packages which may be of interest.  You can find out more information here

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New Rejuvenating Organic Facial 

Introductory offer price £45 saving £10

Relax and enjoy this beautiful treatment that your skin will love for you. Here we combine the new natural life facial massage along with an organic facial treatment which uses products containing organic orange essential oils, wild carrot and potenised carnelian crystal, aligned to the sacral chakra, to create an uplifting and rejuvenating treatment for you ~ mind, body and spirit.  Details can be found here

Free nail art 

One of my goals for 2020 is to improve my freehand nail art skills.  For that reason, I will be offering free nail art until my skills are at a level whereby I feel confident that they are good enough to charge.  If you would like some nail art then please let me know at the time of booking so I can allow extra time.  

Package Deals

Why not have a look at some of the packages that I have put together for the ultimate in relaxation.  These can work out to be good value for your purse but also for your overall mind, body and spirit.  Full details can be found here

Referral Scheme

And breathe offers a referral scheme whereby a 10% discount can be applied if you and a friend both book and receive treatments.  Don't hesitate to ask for a card at your appointment.  (Discount not applicable on special offers or treatments already discounted)