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'Beauty is the spontaneous expression of a harmonious mind, body and spirit'

SpaRitual Mindful Manicure

'Sink into an Infinitely Loving Embrace'. 

Nurture yourself, mind, body and spirit with this beautiful manicure treatment containing Chinese Jasmine essential oil to help the mind feel settled and restored.    

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Step off the fast track and enjoy a SpaRitual manicure.  

'SpaRitual believes that slowing down is the path to enlightenment and is committed to creating earth sustaining products that relax, nourish and reconnect mind, body and spirit'.  

There are 2 beautiful treatments to choose from, both of which smell divine, will leave your hands feeling silky smooth and nurtured.  These products are not just for the hands though, the aromas will awaken your senses and will leave you feeling relaxed, restored and balanced.    

Hand soak – contains 70% certified organic ingredients including a mineral rich blend of California Sea Salts, mineral-rich Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salts and Corylus Clay to detoxify, soothe, firm and tone the skin.

Instinctual Scrub Masque - formulated with Micro-Algae to smooth rough areas and slough off dead skin cells. This beautifully rich scrub masque also contains Ginger, Sesame oil, Aloe Vera, Avocado oil and Shea Butter.  

Massage lotion – contains 83% certified organic ingredients including Aloe Vera, Sesame and Soybean oils, Avocado and Fairtrade Shea Butter, all of which will help soothe, nourish and hydrate your hands, locking in moisture.

Energising fragrance mist – contains 70% certified organic ingredients​  

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All products used in these treatments are certified vegan and many contain organic ingredients. All SpaRitual nail varnishes are 100% vegan and formulated without DBP, toluene, camphor, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin.

Look inside

Breathe deep and look inside.  The meaning of life is found within.  Indian Frankincense Essential Oil heals the mind, rejuvenating body and spirit.  

Close your eyes

Drift away and close your eyes.  All is right with the world again.  Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil calms the mind, soothing the body and the spirit.  

The treatment

The treatment begins with your nails being filed and shaped to your requirements. Cuti-Quench Conditioning Cuticle Crème will then be applied to your cuticles before inviting your hands to relax in a beautiful hand soak containing a mineral rich blend of salts or selected plant extracts and oils, depending on which treatment you choose . Cuti-Clean Cuticle & Stain Remover is then used to gently soften the cuticles and remove stains and dead tissue.  

Luxury treatment

Your hands will then be treated to a beautiful organic exfoliation which will help to remove any dead skin cells and hard skin.  It will also help to improve the tone and appearance of your hands, leaving them feeling silky soft.  

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Next comes a massage for your hands and arms, deeply nourishing and relaxing.  The lotions used contain a range of nutritious oils and fair trade organic Shea butter to leave your hands feeling hydrated and soothed.  

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If you have opted to have nail varnish with your manicure then it is at this stage that your nails will be painted.  There are 150 colours to choose from along with a range of top coats including glitters and shimmers as well as a classic clear.

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An application of a hand serum which can slow the signs of ageing by protecting the skin from environmental damage will then be applied before a beautiful fragrant hand spritz will be used to bring the treatment to its conclusion.

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If you would like soak off gel polish rather than standard nail varnish, this needs to be done whilst the hands are dry. Therefore, your nails will be filed and shaped as required and cuticles will be removed, working on a dry nail plate. Your choice of gel polish will then be applied and once that has been done, you will enjoy the remainder of your chosen manicure.  

IBX nail repair treatment 

If you have weak, brittle and/or broken nails then the IBX nail repair system available may be just for you.  It is an effective treatment that will help your nails to grow strong.  As an add on, this treatment is available from just £2.50 for the 'strength' application or £5 if you would like both the 'strength and boost' treatment.  

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