Sacral Back massage £25

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This is a fantastic massage treatment that focuses predominately on the lower back and pelvis area.  A range of techniques are employed including deep tissue, myofascial release, acupressure and holistic massage to help release tension and should leave you feeling invigorated with more movement, flexibility and improved circulation and blood flow.

The treatment

Before the massage begins we will start by taking in some slow deep breaths which is then followed by me rocking you.  This may sound a little odd but it is the perfect way to get you to relaxed, loosen up and gets the blood flow circulating and your energy to flow freely.

Starting at the top, I work my way down the spine, gently pressing into acupressure points.  This is followed by a juicy stretch to the sacram area.  More work is done around and down the spine before moving onto the sacram and pelvic area, working slowly and methodically to release restricted and tight areas.  

This massage is all about release. Releasing tension, releasing joints, releasing fascia. All of this helps to get the blood flow moving, improving circulation and allowing oxygen and nutrients to get to where they need to, in order to nourish and replenish.  At the end of the treatment you will again be rocked.  The energy that this creates should leave you feeling invigorated yet calm.  

This is a fantastic treatment for horse riders, runners and anyone else whose pelvis area gets a lot of stress impact due to the body's activity.   

This treatment is not like a holistic or deep tissue back, neck and shoulder massage although it can leave you feeling very relaxed by the end of it.  There is no specific work on the neck or shoulders.  I use a beautiful organic vegan wax instead of massage oil for this treatment which gives a lovely traction.