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This beautiful massage incorporates the use of acupressure points and facial reflexology along with techniques from Japan and India to create a unique fusion treatment known as a rejuvenation facial or natural facelift.  The treatment focuses on the shoulders, neck, face and scalp for a truly immersive experience. It can help to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and puffiness, leaving the skin looking smoother, brighter and fresher.

This is a truly relaxing and treatment for your mind as well as your skin. The uplifting fragrance of organic sweet orange essential oil will allow your whole body to just sink into a state of pure bliss. This is an accumulative treatment meaning that if you want to see lasting results, you will need to book regular treatments.

Rejuvenating Facial 

This deluxe facial ritual combines the luxury treatment with a wonderful organic facial experience, suitable for all skin types. The products used in this treatment contain Wild Carrot Oil and Orange Oil and are infused with Carnelian Crystal energy. They are perfect for rejuvenating the skin as they pack a high dose of natural vitamin A from pure beta-carotene for healthy glowing skin. 

They are tuned into the sacral chakra with homoeopathic carnelian crystal in 3 frequencies and high-quality organic aromatherapy oils. The Deluxe Rejuvenating Facial Ritual comprises of the complimentary foot soak, a deep cleanse, exfoliation, rejuvenating massage, mask, toner, moisturiser and a lip and eye cream.