Deluxe Organic Rejuvenating Facial ritual £60

This deluxe facial treatment will last for around 90 minutes.  A beautiful range of organic products are used that contain Wild Carrot Oil and Orange Oil, and are infused with Carnelian Crystal energy. 

These products are suitable for all skin types and are perfect for rejuvenating the skin as they pack a high dose of natural vitamin A from pure beta-carotene for healthy glowing skin. They are tuned into the sacral chakra with homoeopathic carnelian crystal in 3 frequencies and high-quality organic aromatherapy oils. All of these products are cruelty-free and suitable for vegans.

We begin the treatment initially with a luxurious organic foot soak. This will help to get you into a relaxed state whilst I set up for your facial treatment. Once I am ready, we will get you settled in on the couch, feet will be dried off and lotion applied and then covered up in a blanket. You will be asked to take 3 deep breaths and then we will do some gentle leg stretches, just to get you into a comfortable position on to the couch.

The complete treatment consists of 2 cleanses, an exfoliation treatment, the 45 minute Rejuvenating Facial massage treatment, a mask, toner, facial oil serum, eye cream and finally moisturiser.  

To mark the end of this beautifully relaxing treatment, will do some gentle leg stretches as we did at the beginning and then finally some deep breathing, to bring you back to reality.

Sacral Chakra affirmation:

“I unleash fun and creativity from within me now.”

The uplifting scent of Sweet Orange Oil, along with Frankincense and homoeopathic Carnelian Crystal, makes for a powerful combination, helping to bring about an inner glow as well as encourage creativity and freedom into our lives, whilst helping to rebalance the Sacral Chakra.

The Carnelian crystal is known to help with motivation and creativity whilst keeping us in the present moment, and encouraging vitality.