Healing therapies

It feels a real privilege to be able to offer healing therapies.  And breathe is all about finding the time to relax, breathe and look after yourself and both the Chakra Balancing & Crystal Healing and Reiki are wonderful therapies to help you do just that.  Both are therapies that have been around for hundreds of years and channel energies that can help us to feel a sense of balance and calm, reduce stress, tension and anxiety, and can help reduce depression.  Full details of both treatments can be found by clicking on the relevant image below.       

A beautiful treatment that works on each of the 7 chakras, harnessing crystal energies to help return your body to a balanced and calm state.    

Reiki is a truly wonderful therapy.  It can help give you a sense of balance and calm, reduce stress and anxiety and leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful.  

Hopi Ear Candling is an ancient form of therapy dating back thousands of years.  As well as being extremely relaxing it has many potential health benefits.  A choice of traditional or vegan candles are available.      

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In addition to offering Reiki and Crystal healing, I am now pleased to offer three holistic massage and crystal healing treatments that use a blend of organic essential oils and potenised crystals, aligned to the relevant chakra, to give you a beautifully relaxing and restorative treatment.  

Base Chakra massage

This holistic treatment combines the power of massage and crystal healing using organic oils created especially for the base chakra

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Solar Plexus massage

Using organic oils especially created for the solar plexus, this holistic treatment combines massage and crystal healing to give you a beautiful and relaxing experience 

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Crown Chakra massage

This is an extremely relaxing treatment involving a back massage, crystal healing and finally a facial massage to leave you feel completely balanced and calm.

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