Natural Lift Facial Massage

Standard treatment

45 minutes


Luxury treatment 

1 hour


Add on treatment

30 minutes


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This treatment is incredibly relaxing and incorporates the use of acupressure points and facial reflexology along with techniques from Japan and Indian to create a unique fusion treatment known as a rejuvenation facial or natural face lift.

A sequence of massage techniques are employed which act as a natural face lift without the need for surgery. Tension can build up and show in the face causing lines, wrinkles and puffiness. This treatment helps to reduce the appearance of tension and relax facial muscles.

This beautiful massage can be enjoyed as a one off treatment as a way to relax and treat your skin to an uplifting experience.  However, if you are wanting to see visible and lasting effects then it is recommended that you have regular treatments as this is an accumulative massage meaning that the more treatments you have, the better the results will be.  

The benefits of this massage include:

  • It can help improve suppleness of the skin
  • It can help release facial muscle tension
  • It can help reduce appearance of line and wrinkles
  • It can help relieve stress and encourage a state of relaxation and calm
  • It can help with insomnia
  • It can help with headaches and migraines
  • It can help maintain a fresh and youthful appearance

The massage works across the shoulders, the neck, the face and the scalp and a nourishing blend of organic apricot, jojoba and sunflower oil.  Added to this is a Carnelian Crystal essential oil blend, which has an extremely uplifting scent which contains a completely natural and organic blend of  Sweet Orange Oil, Frankincense, and Palmarosa.   This is a refreshing and warming blend, helping to bring an inner glow back.  

Luxury treatment

If you book the luxury treatment you will initially be treated to a luxurious organic foot soak containing 3 salts packed with goodness and over 84 natural minerals. A natural way to increase magnesium and sulphate in the body. Natural flowers imbue their energy and fragrance along with pure aromatherapy and homeopathic crystals.

'Add on' treatment

You have the option with this treatment to 'add' it on to any of the following treatments:

  • Back, neck & shoulders massage
  • Full body massage
  • Reiki
  • Crystal Healing
  • Botanicals Facial

Rejuvenating Facial 

This massage is also available as part of a deluxe organic rejuvenating facial treatment using a Vitamin A holistic crystal skincare collection aligned to the sacral chakra, blended with wild carrot oil and orange oil and infused with carnelian crystal energy. Full details of this beautiful treatment can be found here.