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Please see Beth, she’s the best.

I’ve had the most amazing lymphatic drainage massage from Beth. I feel just amazing. She has many skills and I intend to try all of them.

Shane, Burnham on Sea. May 2019

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage

This massage treatment is different to any other that I offer in that it is so light in terms of pressure, that it can be hard to believe that it can be so powerful in terms of potential benefits and results.  The techniques applied are very gentle and rhythmic, stimulating the movement of lymph through the lymph vessels.  Because the massage is so light, no oils are required.  

Lymphatic Drainage 

The lymphatic system acts as a filtration system for the body, providing a cleansing service, helping to remove waste and toxins from the body.  This massage assists with this process, by using techniques to encourage the lymph to the nearest nodes.  

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Benefits of manual lymphatic drainage massage

  • This is a wonderful massage for cleansing and can facilitate a general feeling of health and vitality
  • Improves appearance of skin, reduces puffiness, water retention and assists with poor circulation.
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system, boosting the immunity, making it great for anyone who suffers regularly from colds and flu etc.  
  • This massage can help with migraines and sinus problems.  
  • As with other massage, it can help with pain from a range of conditions including fractures, sprains, fibromyalgia and rheumatism, and it promotes the body's own healing mechanisms.
  • It is extremely relaxing and can help to relieve stress, anxiety and tension. 
  • This is an excellent massage for anyone preparing for or recovering from surgery.  
  • This massage can help anyone who suffers with digestive problems and anyone suffering with excess weight.   

Full Body Massage treatment

The treatment will begin with you laying on the couch, facing upwards.  We will begin by clearing the 'Terminus' which is the area below the neck that the body uses as a 'dumping ground', depositing the lymph back into the circulatory system.  

What is Manual Lymph Drainage Massage good for?

Gentle massage techniques will then be used to the front of the body, the under arms and the stomach.  This will be fully explained prior to the treatment taking place.  We will then move onto the front of the legs.  Once the legs have been massaged, you will be asked to move onto your front so that we can begin work on your neck, back and backs of the legs.

Full Body Massage treatment

The full body massage will last for approximately 75 minutes.  Alternatively, you can book a 30 or 45 minute treatment which will be tailored to your specific needs.  As previously stated, massage oils are not used in this treatment as they are not necessary.  However, if you would like, a light holistic massage can be applied following the lymph drainage and a choice of either a massage oil or body lotion can be applied to nourish the skin.   

Manual Lymph Drainage & Express Facial 

Why not combine the amazing Manual Lymph Drainage massage with an express facial?  Manual Lymph Drainage can be extremely effective in helping to ease headaches and migraines, relieving congestion, removing toxins and helping people with a low immune system.  What's more, it is incredibly relaxing.     

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Following the manual lymph drainage massage your skin will be treated to a beautiful express facial which involves a cleanse, an exfoliation, toner, facial serum, eye cream and moisturiser. Depending on your skin type we will use either the 'Nourish' or the 'Gentle' products. This is an extremely relaxing treatment combining the effects of manual lymph drainage with a beautiful facial. Your skin will love you for it.

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It has been suggested that it can have a positive effect on anyone who has problem skin and cellulite, has dysfunctional respiratory system or has low energy. It is an effective treatment for a variety of issues including headaches, sinus congestion, sprains and aches, stress, digestive disorders and it can be used before and after surgery to remove tissue congestion and minimise scar formation. It is particularly useful as part of post-mastectomy therapy oedema and fibrosis and relieves pain and tension. Ultimately it aims to clear blockages so that excess fluids will be pushed out of the affected areas and also aims to prevent fluids accumulating again.

Lymphoedema management

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a specific massage technique which helps with the management of Lymphoedema. Lymphoedema is chronic tissue swelling, often as a result of cancer or its treatment. 

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For example, after mastectomy surgery, the lymphatic system will have been compromised and lymph nodes in the arm pits may also have been removed. This impedes the normal fluid drainage channels and results in lymph fluid collecting in an area causing swelling and pain.

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Research has shown that 1 in 5 breast cancer patients will develop lymphoedema of the arm. Unless this is treated the swelling can increase and eventually become very difficult to manage. Although lymphoedema cannot be completely cured, manual lymphatic drainage is an important therapy for treating this condition.

Anyone currently undergoing treatment for cancer, or who is receiving kidney dialysis, will need to obtain written consent from their specialist before a treatment can take place.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss this.  My contact details are available here

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