1:1 Meditation ~ £35

If you need help learning to relax or if you want to try meditation but have no idea where to start then this could be for you. Working on a 1:1 basis, we will do some breath work initially which is incredibly important as a foundation for successful meditation. This will then be followed by some meditation techniques and then finally a guided meditation.  Crystals and candles will be used.  

The idea of offering 1:1 meditation is that it will equip you with the basic tools to be able to get you started on your own.  

However, you can always book more sessions if you wanted to, to experience more in-depth meditations, visualisations and learn to use crystals and other accessories as meditation tools.   

You may also like to consider joining my Crystal Meditation Circle that I offer through my other business and website, Crystal Gaia.  For just £17 a month you receive a crystal in the post plus access to 2 live online meditation sessions.Full details can be found here.  This will open up a new window.