Shake off the winter blues with a 

Lomi Lomi Massage 

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What is Lomi Lomi massage?

The meaning of Lomi Lomi today is 'massage therapist' or 'Hawaiian massage'.  Traditionally in the Hawaiian language, Lomi means 'to knead, to rub, or soothe'; to flow like the waves of the ocean.   

This style of full body massage is unlike any other in that it is performed on the entire body all at once. Long flowing strokes are used that go from the head to the toes in a continual, rhythmic movement, encompassing the whole body.

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This is a deeply relaxing massage that has a number of health benefits including helping to improve circulation, eliminate toxins, release tension and improve range of motion.  In addition to, and in some ways I would suggest more importantly, this massage has some potentially wonderful benefits on our mental health such as: 

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  • It can improve general state of mind
  • It can help promote self healing 
  • It can help improve relaxation and quality of sleep
  • It can help to bring balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit
  • It can help to restore a general sense of well being

The treatment

The treatment begins with the client laying face down on the couch.  A ritual of flicking droplets of salt water in the air around the couch to purify the area and represent the ocean takes place followed by the client being asked to take in 3 deep breaths whilst inhaling some fresh scented essential oil.  Whilst the client continues to breathe in deeply and calmly, I will stand briefly over each chakra, taking a mindful breath, preparing for the massage to begin.   

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A generous amount of warm oil is drizzled all over the arms, back and backs of legs to allow for plenty of 'slip' in the massage.  And then we begin!  There is no routine with this massage in that, unlike most massages, I would begin with one leg, then the other and then move onto the back.  In this treatment I will be working all over the back of the body at the same time and then you will be turned over to allow me to work on the front of the body in a similar way.  

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This is a wonderful experience and it means that as you can not second guess what is going to happen next, you have no option but to let go and just sink into pure deep relaxation.  The moves are extremely rhythmic and flowing and the idea is that the client feels as though they have gentle waves washing over them.  

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Because this massage requires a lot of oil and a lot of access to both the back and front of the body, the couch set up and client drapery is very different.  No towels or couch cover are used on the couch.  Instead there is an electric blanket covered by a throw and then a sheet of spa plastic.  This is securely fastened to the couch which allows me to be able to work smoothly all over the body without the friction that towels can create.  

This is the one treatment that I cannot use my comfy client system because I need to be able to have complete freedom of movement.

Client drapery for this treatment is quite different from all the other massages I offer in that no towels or blankets are used.  Instead a sarong is placed discretely to protect modesty as shown in the picture above.  When turned over, a towel will be placed over the breasts again to ensure modesty.  The abdomen is exposed however as this area will be massaged.   

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If you are at all worried about this and would like to discuss it before making a booking then do please do not hesitate to contact me  and I will be happy to discuss any concerns with you.  I never want a client to feel uncomfortable and so as with most things, we can always find a solution.  

Lomi Lomi Back treatment

The Lomi Lomi back treatment is a luxurious combination of a wonderfully refreshing back exfoliation treatment followed by a lomi lomi massage on the back, neck, shoulders and arms.  For this treatment clients will have a choice of either 'nourishing' wild rose body or 'reviving' lemongrass and mandarin body scrub and massage oils, all of which are organic products.   

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