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distance healing

Distance healing is a highly effective form of energy healing which can be accessed when ‘hands on’ therapy is not possible for whatever reason.  It would be done at a day and time mutually agreed. The recipient does not need to be at the end of a computer but just needs to be somewhere quiet where they can receive the energy without being interrupted.

Ideally, I would need a photo of the recipient and a brief reason why they would like or need some Angelic healing. This would just help me set a clearer intention for the healing and would also allow me to choose some crystals that would be of specific benefit for the healing.  

With the Crystal Healing and the Angel Healing, there is also the option of having a 3 card intuitive card reading using either my crystal spirit oracle cards or my Archangel and Crystal Angel oracle cards for a deeper treatment. If you choose that option I will e-mail the reading to you so you can read it in your own time. Payment for these therapies can be done via Paypal or bank transfer.

Distance Healing Reiki
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