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Soothe your senses, revive tired and aching muscles and revitalise your skin with this heavenly treatment that is calming and relaxing.  The products used contain organic and natural ingredients including Shea butter, sunflower oil, Dead Sea salt and Himalayan mineral crystal.  Certified organic essential oils create an aroma that is truly divine.  

Deep Peace

Find some peace and cal with this indulgent pedicure which will feel almost ritualistic with its relaxing aroma of sandalwood, sweet orange, geranium, lavender, marjoram and wild rose essential oils.  


A cool and refreshing treatment with wild mint and tea tree oil.  A fantastic treatment when your feet are feeling hot and need to cool down.  


An invigorating treatment that will leave your feet feeling both relaxed yet energised.  Uplifting lemongrass, ginger and mandarin helps to improve the tone and condition of the skin and is good for circulation.   

The treatment

The treatment will begin with trimming/filing your toenails to your desired length.  If you are having gel polish, it is at this stage that your cuticles will be removed and gel polish applied as gels need to be applied to a dry nail bed.  If you are having standard nail varnish, this will be applied at the end of the treatment.   

Foot soak 

Soaking the feet is an integral part of an holistic pedicure. Not only does it help to soften and revitalise the skin, reduce swelling and remove dead skin cells, it can also feel extremely relaxing and comforting.  This foot soak includes Himalayan rock crystal, containing 84 essential minerals combined with Dead Sea salt which is renowned for its powerful healing properties.

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If you are having nail varnish then it is at this stage that your cuticles will be removed.  This is followed by hard skin removal using a foot file that is gentle yet effective.  This file will be yours to keep at the end of the treatment.  

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Your feet will then be treated to a beautiful exfoliation treatment using a pure and natural polish made with raw organic cane sugar, Himalayan mineral crystal, and a special blend of essential oils.  Organic cane sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid (an alpha hydroxyl acid), that penetrates the skin, removing dead skin cells and promoting faster cell regeneration - to reveal fresher, younger looking skin.

Foot mask

If you have opted for the Deluxe version of the treatment then it is at this point that your feet will be treated to a rich mask that leaves skin light and luminous, using naturally gentle Kaolin Clay to purify, nourish and revitalise.  This mask is infused with natural ingredients and signature 72 organic trace mineral complexes from the Great Salt Lake.    

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The next stage of this wonderful treatment involves a beautifully relaxing legs and feet massage.  This helps to improve circulation, mobility and flexibility and quite frankly, just feels good.  The ingredients in the oil/lotion are very nourishing, leaving your skin feeling soft and cared for.     

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A deeply conditioning natural balm made with anti-oxidant rich oils and butters, to help protect, soften and enhance the texture of your skin is then applied to your feet.  This balm is naturally nourishing and anti-ageing and contains a blend of skin softening organic shea butter, restorative apricot and jojoba oils, all of which support the skin’s natural ability to heal and regenerate new skin cells.

If you do not want nail varnish then it is at this point that your treatment will come to an end.  

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If, however, you have chosen to have this treatment with nail varnish then it is at this point that your toenails will be painted with the colour or colours of your choice.  There are currently 120 to choose from along with a range of top coats including some glitters to give you a variety of effects.  All the polishes are vegan certified, are cruelty free and contain natural ingredients and importantly, no nasties.  

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