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Crystals are such beautiful gifts from mother earth.  They have the most incredible ability to truly enhance our lives and help us in so many ways.  I love crystals and working with them is such a joy which is why being able to sell them is such a wonderful and exciting adventure for me.  If you love crystals then why not check out my Facebook page.  Every Monday evening I do an introduction to a different crystal.      

I buy my crystals from a UK supplier who sources them herself and ensures that they have been mined ethically and responsibly and that they are of an excellent quality.

I will cleanse and charge them prior to being sent out with a combination of incense, sound therapy and Reiki and will then activate them with a personal intention for you before being sent. Detailed information about the crystal including healing properties and how to cleanse and charge them will be included with your purchase.  

The shop is set up to accept PayPal, however, if you would rather pay by bank transfer or credit/debit card over the phone then please just contact me either on 07544 269456 or at [email protected] and I can arrange that with you, no problem at all.  

If you are planning on buying more than one then please contact me before paying and I will try to reduce the postage for you.  

and breathe 1st edition ebook

I am thrilled to announce that I have finished the first of what I hope will be a few at least, ebooks.  This first one is dedicated to my love and passion for collecting crystals and I have written it as a guide for anyone wanting to start collecting but not sure where to begin.  I hope you enjoy.  Bx  

Click here for Ebook