Crystal Reiki Healing £30

Crystal Reiki healing combines the power of crystals and Reiki to give a powerful healing treatment.  

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Crystal healing is a powerful form of healing as is Reiki so when you combine the two, it can be a wonderful and potentially powerful healing treatment.  

Unlike the Chakra balancing and crystal healing treatment that works on each chakra, this treatment is is more tailored and focused to meet your specific needs.  

After an initial consultation whereby I can ascertain what your needs are, we will get you settled on the massage table.  I will then do some chakra balancing, to ascertain and work on any energy blockages and make sure all the chakras are spinning well and are balanced.  

I will then choose some crystals that will be placed on and around your body, in specific areas and places, dependent on what your needs are.  Rather than place the crystals direct on the skin, it is most likely that you will be covered with a blanket and then the crystals will be placed.  This will in no way reduce the effect of the crystals or the treatment.  

I will then apply Reiki to you which, combined with the crystals, should provide a very powerful and effective healing.  When I give Reiki, my hands can be placed on, around or over the body, whatever feels right.  It is very intuitive.