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crystal angels

All of the items on this page will make wonderful gifts for yourself or a loved one.  Each one will come in a little gift pouch and will be cleansed, charged and set with an intention for you. I will also include some information about the crystal and how to look after it.  If you are planning on buying a few items then please get in touch and I will reduce the p&p for you.  

The shop is set up to accept PayPal, however, if you would rather pay by bank transfer or credit/debit card over the phone then please just contact me either on 07544 269456 or at [email protected] and I can arrange that with you, no problem at all.  

golden healer angel

Balances all chakras

Powerful healing

Universal life force

Releases emotional blockages

Wonderful for manifestations 

Golden Healer Angel
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angelite angel 

Aligned to Throat, Third Eye & Crown

Divine love & peace

Connects to the angelic realm

Reminds you, you’re not alone

Soothing & nurturing 

Angelite Angel
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