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ArtPro Express Gel Extensions 

This nail system is perfect for anyone looking for extra length or to help create a more even length where the natural nail has broken or is very weak.  As this is a soak off system just like gel polish, there is no damage to the natural nail and these extensions can be used to strengthen, protect and promote growth in the natural nail.  

ArtPro Express is not a permanent system in the same way as the PolyGel extensions in that they do not require infills and maintenance.  They should last for around 3 weeks and then they would need to be soaked off and either a new set can be applied or you can just go back to your natural nails.    

Additional benefits of this system include

  • No chemical odour
  • This system is considered a safer and more environmentally friendly option compared to acrylics
  • They are quicker to apply than acrylics
  • They are extremely thin and comfortable to wear
  • They are tough and durable
  • They look and feel natural
  • They are easy to remove with no damage
  • They are ideal as a 'one off' if you are looking for extra length for a special occasion
  • No commitment via infills etc.   

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Whether you want longer or more even looking nails for a special occasion or just for general day to day wear, these ArtPro Express nails are the perfect option.  

Removal, no replacement

If you choose to have these extensions removed and not replaced, you will undergo the usual soak off removal process.  You can either leave it at this for £10 or you can treat your hands to a lovely organic treatment for £15 which will involve having your nails filed and shaped, a beautiful hand soak, cuticle removal, hand lotion applied and cuticle oil applied.    

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