'healing' Abdominal Sacral Massage £40

This massage is a wonderful treatment that focuses on the abdomen and the back. 

 It employs a range of techniques including deep tissue, myofascial release, pulsing, holistic, acupressure and healing.

This is a highly effective specialised treatment that has been developed to help anyone who suffers from a whole range of abdominal issues and health concerns including digestive complaints and fertility problems.  

Our abdomen is our powerhouse. If it isn’t working well, we tend to feel generally unwell. All the muscles in our abdomen, including the pelvic floor muscles as well as the connective tissues and organs all share the same neural inputs. Therefore, if for example there is a problem with the digestion, the pain can be experienced through the back, the abdominal wall or the pelvic region as examples and vice versa.

If any of the ligaments in this area are misaligned, it will impinge on circulation to the area, resulting in a reduction of blood flow, nutrients and oxygen to the abdominal cavity. It is really important therefore that all areas in the torso are incorporated in this treatment to enhance overall health and well being.

If you are looking for this massage to help with fertility, it is still important that we concentrate on the whole abdomen and sacral area, not just the pelvic area. This is because the reproductive organs are the only dispensable organs in the body, having the option to shut down if the body is not functioning at the optimal level, in order to protect the overall health of the body. Therefore, in order to get the reproductive organs back to full health, all areas of the body need to be addressed, making this a holistic treatment as some of the techniques used will help to release emotions, healing the body on all levels.

Below is a list of some of the conditions that this massage can help with.  


  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • IBS
  • Bloating
  • Stomach cramps


  • Painful or irregular menstrual cycles and ovulation
  • Bladder or yeast infections
  • Miscarriages or difficult pregnancies
  • Pre-menopause or menopause symptoms
  • Fertility problems
  • PMS/Depression prior to menstruation
  • Ovarian and breast cysts
  • Abnormal uterine bleeding
  • Fibroids
  • Migraines  


  • Sexual trauma
  • Miscarriages/stillbirths
  • Stress
  • Held in emotions
  • Childhood traumas
  • Maternal problems 

This massage can go quite deep but I will only ever go as deep as is comfortable for you.  It is important that you wear loose, comfortable clothing.  No jeans or clothes that are restricted with zips etc.  Ideally, women should not wear an underwire bra, again to ensure comfort and no restrictions.  

For this treatment, I will use a vegan massage wax which contains natural and organic ingredients including organic refined Shea Butter, Organic Sunflower oil and organic vegetable glycerine along with organic Essential oils.    

The treatment is broken down into two sections.  We start with you laying on your back so that we can focus on the abdomen and the large and small intestines.  This will last for around 40 minutes.  We will then get you turned over onto your front so that we can spend around 20 minutes on your lower back.  By the end of the treatment, you should feel relaxed yet invigorated.    

Unlike the majority of my massage treatments that I offer, this treatment has been designed to treat specific conditions and as such, it is not one to book if you are looking for general relaxation or to help with knots and tension etc.  It is also not a treatment that I expect someone to book on a regular monthly basis for example.  The aim of this massage is that once we have achieved the desired results, you will not need to book further treatments.  It could be that one treatment may be enough or that you will need to book a regular course of treatments in order to see an improvement.  If the latter is required, we can look at a discount for block booking a number of treatments.      


If you are looking to this massage to help you conceive then the recommendation is that you do not try to get pregnant for three months but in that time you have regular treatments in order to get your body to optimal health in order to help you conceive.  If you are lucky enough to get pregnant following this treatment, you may then be interested in the pregnancy massage that I offer and I can offer a special discount for your initial treatment, once you are through your first trimester.  


Generally, this massage is appropriate for both men and women and can be given to under 18's with an adult present.  There are, however, a few things that need to be taken into account.  

  • This massage cannot be given just before or during a bleed
  • It is important that if you have a coil fitted, you notify me as the pressure of the massage will need to be reduced at times.  This will not diminish the effects or results of the treatment.  
  • You cannot receive this massage in the first trimester of pregnancy. 
  • You cannot receive this massage if you have recently had abdominal surgery.
  • You cannot receive this massage if you are running a temperature or if you have an infection